Ralf Friedrichs

                              Addiction Recovery Coaching

I'm NOT a Doctor,Counselor,Therapist or a Sponsor!

 I am a Master Addiction Recovery Coach that is recovering from Alcoholism. For  that reason I know what you or your loved ones are going through.

 I never address past issues. Instead I focus on today and moving ahead  so positive  changes can happen in your life while you have a smooth transition into recovery.

Recovery Coaching is often used concurrently with therapy and counseling, and it  should never be considered a substitute. Recovery coaching ethics and guidelines  require that if you are primarily seeking relief from emotional or psychological  pain, I must and will refer you to a Therapist or Counselor.

 As a Master Addiction Recovery Coach, I can answer questions, offer reflections  and help my clients become resourceful and capable of choosing what is best for  them in recovery over time.

 I believe in and support every client I work with, and I am here to make sure that  everyone I work with has continued success in their recovery.

‚ÄčThank you,

Ralf Friedrichs, ABOC




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